My brand refinement process

Following is a description of my brand refinement process. Ten weeks is a typical timeline for this process, but it is often shorter for smaller organizations.

Step 1: Learn about you

First, I’ll learn about your organization—who you serve, where you’re headed, what you’re known for, and what challenges you face.

Step 2: Gather insights

Through one on one conversations, I’ll gather insights from the people you need to motivate to achieve your mission. What do they care about? How do they see you? What role do you play in their lives?

Step 3: Survey the landscape

If there are organizations doing similar work or filling a similar need, what role do they play? How are they similar to your organization? How are they different? What language do they use to express themselves? Where is the unclaimed space in the landscape?

Step 4: Define your message

We’ll convene an internal task force of staff and board members to define your core message–the intersection between who you are and the concerns of the people you most need to reach.

Step 5: Align and execute

We’ll review all of the living elements of your brand, including your logo, fonts, colors, and other touchpoints. You’ll receive core language, messages, and a set of specific steps to take to complete the implementation of your refined brand idea.