Lindsey Smith, Project Director, Minnesota Prevention Resource Center

“This process was exactly what I was looking for. Our goal was to reduce the confusion caused by our sub-brands and increase engagement. Nancy really picked up on the essence of what we’re about and helped us understand how to communicate that clearly. We now have a clear set of goals to take forward. I also really appreciated Nancy’s facilitation style—she did an excellent job of honoring what everybody in the room was saying and making it a positive experience for everyone.”

Paul Williams, President & CEO, Project for Pride in Living

“The branding work that we have completed with Nancy’s help has been essential. To articulate and translate our strategic direction—especially for donors—is the critically important role that the branding work played. Nancy brought creativity, great listening skills and great synthesizing skills. It was also helpful to have a fresh, external voice at the table with us. Nancy wasn’t afraid to push us and challenge us. The impact of her work will be significant.”

Tom Evers, Executive Director, Minneapolis Parks Foundation

“Nancy helped us focus and refine our organizational strategy and brand. With her help, our board and staff clarified our organization’s core identity and unique offering. Nancy helped us identify what made us different from other organizations and how to express this difference to everyone who comes in contact with our brand. Our newly defined focus prompted us to revise our mission and vision statements as well. Our identity and direction have never been more clear.”

Barbara Dacy, Executive Director, Washington County Community Development Agency

“Nancy helped me crystallize very complex issues into strategic and compelling statements.  The process and work product were insightful and transformative for the organization, and will be of great value to the board and staff moving forward.”

Kelly Matter, President, RESOURCE, Inc.

“Nancy’s work on our name and brand has been extremely valuable. The process she designed and implemented for us was thoughtful and thorough and it proceeded just as planned. It was truly inclusive, which was important to us as a large, multi-faceted organization. With Nancy’s insight and guidance, we have created a unified, powerful story that will help increase our organization’s visibility and revenue.”

Joanne Kosciolek, former Vice President of Fund Development and Communications, Aeon

“Nancy has assisted Aeon, a nonprofit owner, manager, and developer of affordable housing, over the past five years on a variety of different projects – from changing our name and identity to overall strategic planning and business growth. Nancy has a knack for bringing many stakeholders together for advice and input, so everyone feels a part of the process. In addition, Nancy keeps the process moving along and is excellent at developing a realistic timeline and adhering to it. Nancy is able to provide a valuable outside perspective, while understanding the history and culture of an organization.”

Linda Donaldson, Senior Vice President, Community Housing Development Corporation

“We are very pleased with the work Nancy has done on our messaging. The sessions she led were very positive and productive and we were all very impressed with her facilitation skills. With Nancy’s help, we were able to accomplish a lot in a very short time!”